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It is time to monitor your apologies. When you automatically say, “I’m sorry,” to situations even those outside your control you may portray yourself as a caring person but you are also reducing the impact of future apologies and eroding your Executive Presence. As one of my coachees remarked “I have heard ‘I’m sorry’ so often […]

Executive Presence refers to a set of criteria which amount to nuanced leadership. Your stakeholders judge you on your character and the overall quality of your results. In this context effectiveness equates to your ability to communicate your sense of purpose and authentically connect with others on both a day to day basis and in […]

When it comes to Executive Presence and your personal brand, perception is reality. Your reputation is based on what people say about you when you are not in the room. To a degree you can influence others perception of your personal brand by looking the part – by portraying a professional image.