Executive Presence

As you move forward in your career you stand on a larger stage and what helped you reach that position will not necessarily project you forward. The goal posts have been moved and your technical skill, business acumen and drive are all taken for granted.  Now what matters most is the ability to communicate clearly, to resolve conflict constructively, to influence, engage and inspire others to act.

Leadership is about impact, influence and inspiration. Impact involves getting results. Influence is about spreading your passion for your work… and your ability to inspire team-mates and customers.     Robin S. Sharma

Research has shown a leadership style as experienced by others does not always match the leader’s good intentions.  Therefore the only way of finding out is through a process of seeking specific and actionable feedback.

The process is both educational and informative. It takes a ‘whole person approach’ and clarifies what differentiates a great leader from a good one.

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Research shows Executive Presence is substantial and measurable.

At Riva-Jones we use the Bates ExPI  as one of the valuable starting points for our Executive Presence Coaching. In addition we offer one day  intensive workshops for Senior Professionals to address specific aspects of Executive Presence.

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