Leaders who display Executive Presence  can engage, influence and inspire trust and confidence.

Our clients tell us that despite working from home they are even busier than usual as there are more demands on their time.  Both clients and staff want to be kept up to date and included and ‘busyness’ takes over.  Everyone expects the leader to be truthful, forthcoming and to share the news even if it is bad. Their ability to remain calm and composed and to communicate clearly, in short Executive Presence is imperative to maintain trust and confidence.

Now it is time to step back, think and focus on the future.

Research shows Executive Presence is substantial and measurable

Executive Presence is nuanced and reflects a leader’s ability to respond to the business reality by adapting their preferred leadership style.

At Riva-Jones we use the Bates ExPI  as one of the valuable starting points for our Executive Presence Coaching. In addition we offer one day  intensive workshops for Senior Professionals to address specific aspects of Executive Presence.

The process is both educational and informative. It takes a ‘whole person approach’ and clarifies what differentiates a great leader from a good one