Sally Ann Jones is an International Executive Coach who specialises in the assessment and development of Future Leaders, Partners, Senior Executives and Board Members. Her bespoke coaching is designed to support the individual and to enhance business performance.

In the last twenty years, Sally Ann has gained extensive experience of working with partnerships in Professional Services and Financial Services Firms , NGOs, Government Corporations, Public and Private Limited Companies.  In all cases, her objective is to prepare individuals both personally and professionally for future challenges.

Sally Ann’s coaching is informed by a Learning and Development background, corporate life in Morgan Stanley and leadership development projects in 23 countries. Her intellectually rigorous approach to coaching is informed by the knowledge and skills gained from a MBA and a wide range of psychometric instruments.


Her early experience of coaching and facilitating leadership programmes came from delivering ‘Simply Better’ Leadership Development WorkshopsSmithKline Beecham’s worldwide post culture change initiative which an INSEAD and Harvard case study