According to research 70% of high-achieving individuals have experienced ‘Imposter Syndrome’ – a pattern of behaviour where people doubt their accomplishments and have a persistent, often internalized fear of being exposed as a fraud.

In the absence of a trusted confidante, many newly promoted leaders spend a considerable amount of time and effort masking their shortcomings.  They see perfectionism as a means of overcoming the feelings associated with ‘Imposter Syndrome’. They set themselves excessively high goals, refuse offers of help and find delegation difficult. As a result, they micro-manage, work longer and longer hours and feel a sense of isolation. This behaviour creates a climate of mistrust and the constant unsustainable demand for perfection creates anxious, uncreative team members.

Sally Ann is uniquely placed to work with individuals who are at a transitional point in their personal or professional lives. The breadth of her skillset and ability to adapt her approach to best suit and support the individual brings real, tangible results, benefitting both them and the business

Sally Ann is an outstanding executive coach. She is uniquely talented in applying deep personal insight to real-life business problems. Many coaches have some of these skills but Sally Ann works at a higher level of performance than most. I have no hesitation in recommending Sally Ann if you are looking for a top level coach for your business.

A Senior Coach can help accelerate the transition process and enable leaders to concentrate on the value they bring to their new role.The trusted advisor’s role is to help leaders to stay focused on what is required to achieve short and long-term success.

We apply research-based models of effective leadership to evaluate the leader’s readiness for the role and potential barriers to success.

We adopt a three step process:

  1. An analysis of the leader’s effectiveness
  2.  A comparison between the leader’s perceived ability to engage, inspire, align, and move people to act with his/her intentions.
  3. Coaching