CEO Coaching – Advisory

A crisis is the true test of leadership. In tough times leaders need to demonstrate vision, purpose, personal courage and strength in the absence of a clear road map. The leaders who succed are those who are able to embrace uncertainty, develop new skills and be willing to experiment and change.

We are committed to a leader’s success by helping to identify and achieve personal and/or professional goals. Our role is to act as a catalyst for development by providing professional support and structured thinking time to consider real time issues in the context of business imperatives and personal objectives.

      Sally Ann was invaluable to me in my first year as CEO of a large charitable Foundation. As my coach she helped me to shape my personal style and direction and lay the ground work for the next 9 years of harmonious board engagement. And when there are patches of turbulence I find myself reflecting back on our sessions and taking the necessary action. Thank you Sally Ann for helping me to fly!

Sally Ann is always grounded, sensible, reassuring and pragmatic. You understand that she cares about you as an individual
and is working for the best both for you and your organisation. I trust her completely.

What’s the impact?

Coaching develops self-awareness which is the foundation of good leadership. In our experience CEOs who work with a coach display self-confidence and send a clear signal to the rest of the organisation that the CEO is open to learning.

Jonathan Schwartz, former CEO of Sun Microsystems, who had an executive coach himself said, “If you have a new perspective, if you feel better with your team, the board and the marketplace, then you have received real value.”

We help leaders grow and improve performance by reducing or eliminating their blind spots, giving constructive feedback, and reducing the likelihood of failure and premature burnout.