Women Leaders

What is holding you back?

If you are a woman in leadership, you may feel that you are not receiving the recognition and promotion prospects you deserve because certain elements of your style are not acknowledged or are perceived to be ineffective. In order to progress you need to access key insights about your leadership behaviours and what matters in terms of leading well and leading with impact through feedback. However unstructured feedback can be unhelpful.

“Your confidence can come across as intimidating”

“You need to slow down, listen to others’ideas and be patient”

” You could be bolder and take greater initiative to give your opinion. You need a bigger presence on video”

“You are extremely hardworking and an exceptional professional but you need to be more strategic and cross functional in your thinking”

Comments like these can be confusing and in some cases contradictory and our clients are left wondering what works and how they can alter their style and still remain authentic. This unstructured discussion of your executive presence can lead to vague or ill-defined expectations of what you need to do to develop it in order to make an impact, drive outcomes and achieve your personal goals
Through extensive research, Bates has cracked the code on executive presence and redefined it in a scientifically validated model that levels the playing field for women leaders. This model of executive presence, the Bates ExPI™, identifies the 15 distinct qualities that enable leaders to engage, align, and inspire people to act, and provides a research-based definition of executive presence. Through this model, and the 360° multi-rater assessment that makes the model actionable, individual leaders can measure and pinpoint how they stand when it comes to the defined elements of executive presence, and where their opportunities are to build out their influence in the context of their own business goals and imperatives.

Sally Ann has coached women from graduate entry to CEO. Her aim is to help women achieve their personal and professional goals by identifying which elements of their leadership style are required to meet the business imperative.

I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think. Socrates

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